Dedicated eMailer Packages

Send a dedicated email to our full subscriber list. You can make exclusive, direct offers and serve up any creative ads and promotions. These exclusive emails contain only your message. There are fewer ways to generate focused attention and increased quantities of traffic for you.

Custom Design (Option 1)

Send out a custom design eMailer to our members.

– Exclusive eMailer containing only your ad
– Send out day, Tuesday or Thursday
– Sent to our Full Mailing List

Place your Order

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Preferred Thursday Delivery Date(s)
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After the transaction has been completed

please email us the following info

1] Your final custom design material*
2] Your contact/billing information for the PDF invoice

* eMailer Specs
• We only accept jpgs and/or gifs.
• We require you sent us directly via email your text and images .
• When sending the final images please make sure they are no wider than 600px.
• A guide line layout designed in Microsoft Word or as a PDF is very helpful.
• We do not accept links to your website to retrieve your text/material/images.

We will also be sending you a proof for your eblast we will NOT send it out until we’ve recieved your approval.

NOTE: Preferred delivery dates are subject to availablity. We will confirm requested dates via email.
(!) Check Available Delivery Dates

* we include 1 free hour for layout and setup time. Additional design time cost $15.00/hour.