Gretchen Robinson

3665 West 95th Street
Overland Park, Kansas
66206, USA

Give a brief bio about yourself and/or your studio
After many years of health and fitness, I found my way to yoga and never looked back. The experiences I have had (and continue to have), the freedom in my body, learning to live more in the present moment, meditation, and the journey can not be put fully into words.

I have a huge passion for sharing my yoga, which includes asana, philosophy, meditation, and chanting, and am blessed I get to do so on a daily basis with so many incredible, loving people.

Yoga is the most amazing journey I have ever taken and one that never ends.

What styles of yoga you teach? / Do you or your studio specialize in one?
I mostly teach a flowing vinyasa style.

What makes your teaching or studio unique?
We don’t use props, walls, or music, except the music of the breath. I believe everyone should work with their bodies and where they are. I teach with an emphasis on alignment and moving prana.

Do you or your studio provide other services other than yoga?
We also provide meditation at my studio and I am an energy healer.

What is your favorite yoga posture? And why?
Any inversion because they are so freeing!

Who is your favorite yoga teacher?
My main teacher, Genevieve Crosslin who has practiced yoga for 40 years and has studied with everyone around the world, Mark Blanchard, and David Lipschutz.

How long have you been doing yoga?
11 years

How long has your studio been around?
4 years

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