Casa Verde an Eco-Ashram in Honduras

Casa Verde is in the Jungle, 5 miles from La Ceiba, Honduras

(top R) View from CASA VERDE Eco-Ashram;
(bottom R) E Motts, a student of Wendy Green in Dwi Pada Sirsasana

Give a brief bio about yourself and/or your studio
My name is Wendy Green, and I am very blessed. I have recently opened “Casa Verde”, an Eco-Ashram in Honduras.

I believe that nature is the ultimate healer. Casa Verde offers a unique combination of a classic yoga ashram, coupled with a raw food cleansing diet, “deep green” lifestyle coaching, and an eco-adventure, in a magnificent, pristine, yet to be discovered area.

What styles of yoga you teach? / Do you or your studio specialize in one?
I teach traditional Mysore Ashtanga and Pranayama for all levels. I promote a Raw Vegan Diet and low impact “deep green” living.

What makes your teaching or studio unique?
After teaching in New Jersey for decades, I finally decided to cash out and live simply, away from the crowded and synthetic environs of the East Coast, USA. I was searching in Central America for a few years and finally decided on Honduras because of it’s jaw dropping beauty. It was later that I learned that the Wall Street Journal called Honduras the “next # 1 hotspot, a cutting edge Costa Rica”

Casa Verde is located beside the tranquil and majestic 500 mile Pico Bonito National Forest on the North Caribbean Coast of Honduras. Here I found impeccable mountain air, sweet spring water, fresh picked fruit, trillions of trees, battalion of birds and a symphony of exotic plants and flowers, cradled on a superb property with a wide rushing white water river, and a 400 foot waterfall view, all courtesy of mother nature herself.

I have been teaching since 1974. I encourage students to practice from the inside out, paying attention to the breath, thoughts, sensations and motivations. I believe that practice is a form of prayer and that our prayers are powerful.

Do you or your studio provide other services other than yoga?
For me, Yoga/Diet/Lifestyle is the holy trinity. In addition to daily yoga practice and riverside pranayama practice, I offer guests an opportunity to cleanse and refresh through a Vegan Raw Food diet and “Green” lifestyle coaching, including conservation, composting and eco-friendly recipes for homemade organic household cleaners and personal hygiene.

Because of my awesome location there is plenty of opportunity for Rock Climbing/Hiking/Swimming/Rafting/Kayaking or just chilling in this magnificent, pristine Rain Forest setting.

What is your favorite yoga posture? And why?
This is a difficult question to answer, since all the postures are my good friends. I particularly enjoy Sirsasana. It is said to be the KING of postures, soothing, repairing, enlightening, and re-booting. I am also very fond of twists and bandhas.

Who is your favorite yoga teacher?
I am supremely grateful for all my teachers over the years, especially Sri K Patabhi Jois of Mysore India.

How long have you been doing yoga?
I started practicing yoga at the age of 15 in 1970. I had picked up “Light on Yoga” by BKS Iyengar and began practicing alone in my bedroom. I took my first class in Boston 1972. It was then and there I began to learn about the benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet at Hippocrates Health Institute under that tutelage of Dr Ann Wigmore. I have been on the Yoga/Diet/Lifestyle path ever since.

How long has your studio been around?
After teaching in numerous facilities for many years, I opened my own studio in New Jersey in 1995. I was blessed with lovely, delightful, dedicated students. Needing to fulfill my life long dream, I sold my belongings and moved to the most beautiful place on the planet. My “studio” is now living a simple Organic Yogic lifestyle and sharing this experience with others. Casa Verde opened in 2006.

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